The Alchemist

Adventure, Fantasy Fiction,




quick summary:

Santiago, a shepard boy, having experienced a dream he thinks is prophetic, goes in search of a tangible treasure.


He travels to far lands and through his encounters he learns about his 'Personal Legend', his 'True Self', how to listen to the 'Soul of the World', and the beauty in patience. 

Omens and signs are always guiding him, but he has to grapple between what he knows, what he feels and what the universe is telling him. 


Along the way he finds out treasure isn't always silver and gold.


Santiago: A shepard boy. He has a deep desire for travel and something else that he can't quite explain. Whatever he wants he knows it isn't in his homeland. 

Melchizedek: The king of Salem who guides him and passes on words of wisdom. 

The Englishman: In search of the Alchemist, he travels alongside Santiago on his journey. 

Fatima: An Arabian girl Santiago meets at an oasis. 

The Alchemist: A gifted man that teaches in unconventional ways. 

reading difficulty:

This is a lite-literary read. It focuses on the message and it wants to articulate that in a simple way.


It's meant for YA and it's listed for high school.


It's a very small book and easy to read, but there are many messages within the pages.


It has a lot of depth and at the end I wished there was more.



I went into this book expecting real life Philosopher Stone alchemy, so it was a nice surprise to have my expectations challenged.


The Alchemist has a simple time-old message told in a way that I needed to hear; sometimes everything you need is right in front of you. 




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the alchemist