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Moving Away from Home

July 6, 2017


Hi Friends!


I have lived in four states, all by by the age of 24, so I have learned a few do's, and definite don'ts to moving.


I hope this will help anyone who is moving soon or is contemplating a move in the future. 



Do your research: Thoroughly research the city you are interested in.


Investigate all aspects including weather, median salary, crime rates, school ratings, proper costs, traffic, rates of gentrification, EVERYTHING.


You don't want any surprises when you get there.


Look up Licensing laws, safest areas, highest paid fields. 


Create a Plan: Some people can just pick up and move and sort things out when they get there. I can't.


I had to have my apartment set, my job picked out, and reliable transportation ready as soon as I arrived.


You need to address things like what will my new bank be, where will I go in an emergency, how will I transport all my items for this move.


All these questions should be answered in your 'Moving Plan'. 


Visit often: You may know with every fiber of your being you want to live in LA, but if you haven't spent a significant amount of time there you are essentially just fantasizing and speculating.


Visit the place, see if you can envision yourself there long term and ask yourself a myriad of questions like can you get around, do you like the people, how is the commute. All these questions can't be answered unless you get up and go visit. 


Save: Save save save save. In your comfort zone, near friends and family things, in your regular routine, things can go wrong at any time out of the blue, so they especially will when your in a new place.


 Have enough saved for three months rent at a minimum.


I also recommend having a plan for just in case the rare event may happen that you lose your job.


Do you have enough savings to cover that? If you have to move back, can you afford to? 


Just MOVE: The hardest prat of moving is just doing it.


Even if you get there and you have to come back home, just get your plan together, pack your items, and just do it.


Many of my moves were me, my car, and the destination with no friends or family waiting for my arrival.


Just take that first step and the rest will follow. 



** A great site to look at city ratings, weather, crime, average salary, etc. 













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