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Must Haves for My Super Sensitive Skin

January 28, 2018


Hi Peeps!


I have an array of skin problems that I’ve been dealing with since I was a kid.  


& I've learned a few things over these last 25 years that I wanted to share with my fellow sensitive skin sufferers,


I have vitiligo, acute dermatitis, and seborrhea dermatitis, which is very sensitive skin, dry skin, and dry scalp.  


Essentially, I need lots of moisture, but i need it to be gentle.


My Must Have Products


Body Wash: Aveeno Daily Moisture Body Wash




Adventurous Body Wash: Dove Deep Moisture

Body Scrub: Aveeno Positively Nourishing Smoothing Pomegranate + Rice Body Scrub


Face Wash: Dr. Bronner Baby Unscented Pure Castile Soap   

Face Scrub: Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Facial Scrub

Acne Medicine: Differen Gel

Body and Face Lotion: Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion Unscented

Laundry: All Free & Gentle


Skin Dos


- I ALWAYS wash my face at night with my Dr. Bronners


- In the morning I only rinse with hot water


- I only spray perfumes on my clothes & try to avoid my skin


- I only use my face scrub once a week


- For new products, do a hand test before you use it on your body


- On my sheets, face wash-clothes, and pillow cases I only wash them with hot water.


Anything that will touch my face I don’t use a detergent on 


Skin Don’ts


- When you are having a break out, whether cystic or regular, don’t use ANYTHING on your face.  


- Stay away from strong scented soaps, body washes, and lotions


-  I avoid Tide Free and Gentle, it has broken me out in the past


 - Do not use the Dr. Bronners buy itself. You must dilute it down. I use an 8oz foam  bottle and only use about ½ oz of castle soap, and fill the rest with water.













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