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Working VS Working

December 21, 2018

In full transparency, I don't enjoy my job. Between my team and the role, it does not make me happy, and I'm sure other peeps are in the same predicament.


According to a 2018 survey 49% hate their jobs. That is a strong word, but sometimes its a gross under-exaggeration. 


So, what do you do when you don't like your job, but you can't quit? And whether you need to stay to pay bills, or you want to try and make it work, or you just can't find anything else? You just have to stick through it until something else comes alone.


I've been in this strange =in-between place for a while and I'm learning new ways to make the best of my situation each day. 





Channel that anger and unhappiness into something that you love to do. For me, it's writing. When I get off work I'm torn down and worn out, and all I want to do is just go to sleep, but I don't want to let my 9 to 5 throw off my whole day.


So, I use that low level that I'm at to motivate me to get to a higher level. I let that unhappiness be my energy and propel me into doing something fun that I enjoy. By the end of the night I'm feeling a lot better, and ready for whatever tomorrow throws at me. 






Learn what you can while still you are still at your current position. Whether that means you take more training, make connections, or try to move up in the ranks, capitalize on where you are at at the moment. 


While you are there try to be present and put your best foot forward. You never know what that extra effort will get you. Your manager may notice that tenacity and reward you, or, recommend you. 





This is only a temporary season. You won't have to endure it forever. While waiting for something to give, look into other opportunities.

Look at your current role and responsibilities and make a note of your likes and dislikes. This will help you better chose your next role. Also, you can even look into starting your own business venture and becoming your own boss. 


Going into 2019, many people have a 'side-hustle', and they often enjoy it way more than their current 9 to 5. Things will get better one day, but until they do, seize the day. 







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