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June 5, 2019



Hi Friends, 



It took me a while, wayyy too long, but I'm finally redesigning and relaunching my blog! Yah! Time to REDEDICATE!


My problem before, I think, is I couldn't commit because I was only writing and posting things that I thought would get me noticed, instead of just creating a personal outlet as well as creating content I felt passionate about.


I truly love readingand writing, so that will be the heart of my blog. I am also passionate about mental health wellness and everything related to it, so that will also be a big part of my posts.


I have a few thoughts on how I reached this conclusion, and if you relate to any of these, maybe it's time you stop forcing it, rededicate, and do what makes you happy :) 


1. Unhappy with Past


I was never pleased with where I left my blog. I didn't put enough energy into it and I didn't give it my all. That was all due to the fact that I wasn't staying true to my original intentions; creating content centered on reading and writing.


I was also afraid of failing. I realized I'm the only person I need to prove myself to. The moment I stopped trying to gain approval from others, was the moment I found worth in myself. 


2. Constant Regret


Although I wasn't active with my blog, I was still constantly thinking about it. Thinking about articles to write, about what would be cool to post, about what books I could discuss.


When I realized the things I wanted to write about weren't on there, I knew it was time to reassess and revamp. So, I began just drafting out all the articles that interested me. 



3. Unrealized Potential

The moment I started doing things I wanted, it no longer felt like a chore. It felt like something I took pride in and I was happy to share.


I realized I had talents and words to be seen, but I was hoarding it because of my own fear. All this worked together to get me to this point. So I'm back and in full swing!!  I'm excited for what the future will hold.











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