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What is Mental Health Wellness

June 8, 2019




What is mental health wellness? It's an umbrella term that encompasses a lot of different aspects that make up your mental state, good or bad. For me, my mental wellness is  always at the forefront of my mind (pun intended).


When my mental health is good, an 11 or a 12, I feel like I can conquer the world, but when it's at its worst, a 2 or 1, I feel like the world is conquering me. 


When we calculate our score we can pinpoint what areas could use work . Below are the five categories that, in my opinion, encompass mental wellness. FYI, I'm no professional.



Each category is worth 3 points. As you read through, think about each category, total up for your score and meet me at the end. 


0 Points: You are at your worst with this category, and it needs serious TLC.

1 Point : At the low end. You need some major realignment 

2 Points :  In the middle. You are just 'ok' and you may need some small improvements 

3 Points : You are doing well. This is a strong area and one that you're not too worried about


1. Physical Health & Diet




Physical health is a combination of your  physical activity, eating and sleeping habits, and any illnesses you may have.


The adage of 'you are what you eat' rings true.  Many studies have confirmed that how a person feels is directly related to what they eat.


I can testify to this. How I feel after eating Chipotle is completely different from how I feel after a salad and some fruits and veggies. 


With the recommendation of 7-9 hours of sleep, thirty minutes a day of exercise, and limited quantities of fast food, where you do land in this category? 


My Score: 2  I usually eat well and exercise often, but, when I get around some of my triggers my healthy habits fly out the window. 


2. Emotional State


This is how you feel on a day-to-day basis. Are you stressed out and overwhelmed? Are you anxious? Emotional state deals with stability and levelness. 


Easy to anger to an explosive level, crippling anxiety, and deep fear of judgement are all examples of things that factor into emotional state. 


My Score: 1 An area I definitely need to work on. I also have minor mood swings. 


3. Social Atmosphere

Humans are social creatures, but that desire can come with negative facets.


Social atmosphere is how you feel about being with our without other people; hat can include friends, associates, and people you encounter at work.


Do you fear being around other people? Or, do you love people so much that you can't be alone, and are sad when you have to be? 


My Score: 2 I'm an introvert but I've found a balance between being with people and just being with Valencia.



4. Family Dynamic 


Family dynamic is a huge one. How do you feel about family?


That includes the one you grew up in and also the one you've helped create (children, significant other, close friends, etc).


Many aspects of a person's adult life can be traced back to back to childhood; whether they be happy memories and experiences, or heartbreak. trauma, and abuse.


Genetics are important too, as some mental illnesses can be passed down from parent to child


My Score: 1 I'll discuss more later. 



5. Self Care


This is a buzzword you've probably seen a million times, but it's so so important that it needs to be repeated. 


How you take care of yourself, your me time, or lack of, is integral to a properly functioning mental state.


Do you make ample time for yourself, or can you not get even get two minutes alone? 



My Score: 2 My strongest category. I schedule in 'Me Time' religiously because I just can't function without it.


Calculating Scores 


My Score: 8. I'm a 'meh'. Not happy, but not sad, right now. If the wind blows, that could change. 




Whats your score?


Let me know in a comment and feel free to start a conversation and share your experience. I'm open to any discussions about mental health. Also feel free to shoot me an email if you want to discuss something privately. 




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