Spoken Word

I Refuse to Believe


I refuse to believe a person should be defined by the presence of a framed piece of paper hung up on their wall.



Better yet, I refuse to believe that a person should be defined by its absence.


I refuse to believe that someone with a 4.0 is smarter than someone with a 2.5.


And I refuse to believe that just because your parents can afford to pay your tuition, that makes you better than someone who a free ride.


The hypocrisy is this,

The same people who will be paying student loans until the day they die, took out those loans, to get a degree to get a better job, that didn’t even improve their quality of life.

Dried ink on dead wood is not the only WAY to make a way, and if they tell you can’t, then you have to, don’t listen to what they say.


I refuse to believe that because a girl shows her collar bone at school then she is causing a disruption and making the school unsafe.

The disruption is pulling her out of class in the first place.

Like showing her back will cause her to be attacked and showing her knees will make all learning stop, and all teaching cease.


All your doing is teaching her from an early age that she has to monitor how she acts. You teach the girl how to prevent an assault and how to escape.

Stop teaching girls how to prevent assaults  and start teaching boys not to do the rapes.


I refuse to believe that a raised first or a bended knee is  a danger to this nation.


But no one complains when #45 jeopardizes the nation?


Taking a knee is a nonviolent way of saying enough is enough


These acts are necessary, because if we demanded change,

I wouldn’t be here right now,

I’d be somewhere in chains.


The hypocrisy is this,

The KKK can burn buildings and Antifa can run somebody over but God forbid somebody take a knee, the whole world is over.


That does not make sense and that does not compute.

When the majority does it with tiki torches it’s cute.


But when the minority reacts to bullets in our backs you label them as the problem.


And mass incarceration, racial profiling, and systematic oppression is how you problem solve them.


I refuse to believe that women are doomed to fight the same battles as our ancestors, and leave the same issues for our descendants.

In 50 years when we say women are equal, I want us to mean it.

It’s 2017 and women still don’t have equal rights. Women are the carrier of seeds and the bearer of life.


Only a woman can breath life into man, but maternity leave, abortion rights, and tampon tax is still decided majority of time by a man.


The hypocrisy is this,

Women make up 55% of the workplace yet still only make 0.70 cent to a man’s dollar.


Color that woman brown and she’s worth that minus a quarter.


Have her own car and house, be self-sufficient? I don’t think she can.


The hypocrisy is this,

A young boy can sleep with 100 girls and it is just boys being boys, you know.

But if the girl does the same, then she is a slut and a ho. 


The hypocrisy is this,

A man can rape a woman get less than 3 months in a cell.


But if you sale tax-free drugs, you WILL die in jail.


Women can be ½ naked in the Victoria Secret fashion show, in music videos, in ads.


Most times, most places.


But let a woman breast feed her baby in public, you would think she commited a crime.


The hypocrisy is this.

The hypocrisy is that.

The hypocrisy is everywhere.


So I’ll leave you with this just in case you still had any doubts.

The man who said “don’t worry, just grab her by the pu##y,”

 Is currently sitting in the oval office in the White House.